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Locating John Deere Dealers

How to find John Deere dealers in your area can be easy if you know where to look. The first place to check is the official John Deere dealer website, where they have an international John Deere dealer locator. You enter your language, country, zip code or city and state (and optionally your address), and the product you are looking for, and they output a list of John Deere dealers near you. Read on about more information on John Deere dealers.

In October of 2007, John Deere dealers were given the ability to upload their used equipment inventory from their inventory system onto eBay. This was a big breakthrough because John Deere dealers were able to get their used John Deere tractors seen by a much wider range of prospective buyers. They have the option of posting a fixed "buy it now" price for their items, or set up an auction, where the buyers determine the final selling price. The market will drive the price, and now customers can find their John Deere lawn tractors much more quickly via the internet. This is also great news for customers because they will be buying from authorized John Deere dealers.

John Deere dealers can also post their John Deere combines for sale on www.machinefinder.com, Google's product search, and partner sites. This diversification is big for John Deere dealers because it is a good form of diversification. If they relied on only one source of equipment buyers, it would be a risky strategy because they would be putting all of their eggs in one basket. By diversifying amongst these different sites (and their brick and mortar retail space as well), they are set up to be able to handle a disaster or shutting down of one of their retail outlet websites. Even if one of these sites down, they still want to be able to show you their John Deere tractors. To give you an idea of some of the John Deere dealers around the country, take a look at this sample from a Texas John Deere dealer list: Brookside Equipment Sales Inc, Clark Tractor and Supply, Dent & Company, Fairway Tractor Sales, Harlingen Implement, Hurst Farm Supply, and Prater Equipment Co. Hopefully this primer will help you find John Deere dealers that will match you up with the perfect piece of equipment.