How to Find Antique John Deere Tractors

If you are looking for antique John Deere tractors for sale, there are several hidden gems to find the best deals. Antique John Deere tractors have always been popular due to their classic styling, old school design, and other logos. In 1804, John Deere was born in Rutland, Vermont. He built the first steel plow in 1837, using steel from an old blade from a sawmill. He built over 100 more plows by the year 1842, and was producing 4000 plows per year by 1852. At this point, his company, Deere & Co., was located in Moline, Illinois. In 1886, John passed away and his son took over the company. By 1918, Deere & Co. acquired the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and was thrust into the tractor business. People who know about antique John Deere tractors know that the Model A is John Deere's most popular model. Many more models followed the Model A, including the Model B, Model G, Model L, Model LA, Model H, and Model M.

The Model B is another popular well-known antique John Deere tractor. It was released in late 1934 and was a medium sized, two cylinder tractor. It was released as a 1935 model, and it had steel wheels, four speeds, and one reverse gear. It weighed approximately 2700 pounds, and had an engine displacement of 149 cubic inches. The very first 2000 tractors produced by John Deere had only four bolts connecting the steering post in front of the radiator. These are now highly desired models, as after that they started to use eight bolts to secure the steering wheel.

From 1935 to 1938, the John Deere Model B was produced without any styling features such as grills or any sheet metal to cover the radiator. They called the inaugural year Model B's "Brass Tag" tractors because they had a brass serial number plate. Up until 1938, they were able to produce 57,000 of these tractors.

In 1939, the engine was increased in size to 175 cubic inches and the weight ballooned to over 3000 pounds. Grills were added in front of the radiator as well. Antique John Deere tractors collectors will probably know that the first tractor with an electric start was offered in 1939 as well, and lights became another available option. The battery was initially placed behind the fuel tanks.

Between 1941 and 1947, John Deere made a few other changes to the tractor's design. First of all, they enlarged the PTO shaft diameter to 1 3/8". In addition, they changed the front frame from angle iron to cast iron. Then, they changed it back again. This may have been due to cast iron shortages during the war. They also changed the draw bar to a stronger arrangement.

If you are looking for a not-so-old used tractor for sale, consider this. In 1947, the John Deere Model B was given a design overhaul once more. The battery box was now located in the cushioned seat, the engine was enlarged to 190 cubic inches.

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The antique John Deere tractor Model B was redesigned again in 1947, and appropriately called the "Late Styled B" The most significant visual differences were the pressed steel frame and the cushion seat that now housed the battery box. The electric starter became a stock feature and it was built underneath the tractor. The entire model could weigh over 2 tons at this point, depending on what features and add-ons you put into it. About 110,000 Model B's were built in this style. In 1952, The Model 50 replaced the antique John Deere tractors Model B.